For dependable milk deliveries, exquisite natural yoghurt, fresh eggs and cream. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, Pulford Farm Dairies draws upon more than 50 years of experience to deliver a wide range of customers with irresistibly tasty dairy products farmed in ethical, environmentally friendly conditions. Truly local Produce! 

Taking Standards Seriously

At Pulford Farm Dairies, we understand that hygiene is extremely important. That’s why we uphold rigorous standards of cleanliness at all times and have a 5 star 'Scores on the doors' rating.

Need Eggs?

 Fresh eggs are also available in boxes of six or full trays of 30 eggs.

Sublime Cream

Some of our incredible milk is used to make fresh double, single, and whipping cream. These may be bought in tubs ranging from 142ml to 2l and larger in size. We can also supply local restaurants, coffee shops and icecream parlours in our area.

Delectable Yoghurt

Pulford Farm Dairies also produces natural, probiotic yoghurt. Whether you’d like your yoghurt thick and creamy or low in fat, we are sure to have the perfect pot for you. A popular, healthy option, probiotic yoghurts are renowned for promoting healthy digestion and may help to boost your immune system. The uses of our yoghurt are endless: eat it with breakfast, add it to a fruit smoothie, use it as the perfect lasagne topping, or simply enjoy it cold from the fridge.

Contact our friendly dairy farm today, in Blackburn, Lancashire, to experience the unbeatable milk deliveries, cream, and natural yoghurts we provide.